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  • chariot of salvation

    chariot of salvation

    Was your wrath against the rivers, […]Was your anger against the rivers,or your indignation against the sea,when you rode on your horses,on your chariot of salvation? L’Eternel est-il irrité contre les fleuves? Est-ce contre les fleuves que s’enflamme ta colère, Contre la mer que se répand ta fureur, Pour que tu sois monté sur tes…

  • cleaning still…

    cleaning still…

    Run 14 | SER | 28 curies  12.–26.07.1959Santa Susana Field Laboratory, California

  • Ah those childhood memories…

    Ah those childhood memories…

    …make you all warm and fuzzy inside. All those vain endeavours – just castles made of sand. Nothing remains but some long lived radio nucleotides.

  • what’s done is done

    what’s done is done

    well look what the cat dragged in… Order now before it’s too late. The doomsday clock is ticking. Send us an e-mail. Or buy it directly from https://eine-art-fabrik.de/produkt/enkidu-rankx-sulamith-sallmann-background-radiation-hintergrundstrahlung/

  • The World Premiere of Background Radiation

    The World Premiere of Background Radiation

    We have been so lucky to be featured on Crookit Dreams episode 63. It was an honour and a privilege to present the word premiere of the radio play „Background Radiation“. Thanks most of all to Richard Sylvarnes.

  • so much about safety

    so much about safety

    …officials said. Well in that case. Fixed that for you. It’s all green now. Fire at nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. https://apnews.com/article/tennessee-oak-ridge-e500b670f4b14ecb5be076d9512e8d6f

  • tick tock tick tock

    tick tock tick tock

    the clock of doom is ticking… Ah the glorious past of radium dials…

  • history in the making

    history in the making


  • a postcard from hell

    a postcard from hell

    How to leave a long lasting impression on your colonies… https://www.livescience.com/65949-marshall-islands-more-radioactivity-chernobyl.html

  • yes, no, yes, no

    yes, no, yes, no

    „Anxiety is us being at war with ourselves“ me